It’s time for another edition of “Ask Squash Source”!

A question I get frequently is:

What’s the factory string tension of this racket?

This question could be asked about any brand of racket. Often someone will buy a racket and enjoy the feel of it. Maybe their strings break and they want to get it restrung as closely as possible to the original factory settings they enjoyed so much.

Most manufacturers I’ve asked about this will say the factory tension is 28 pounds, or thereabouts. But there’s a major caveat: the tension of the strings when they leave the factory is probably NOT the tension you ultimately end up with when you start hitting with the racket.

That’s because rackets lose string tension over time. When the racket is first strung, it’s sitting in a factory somewhere, let’s say China. The rackets are shipped by boat to a distributor in your country. Then they are shipped to a dealer. Then they are finally shipped to you, the happy squash player.

So they may string the rackets at 28 initially, but they have probably lost tension by the time you get your hands on them, just due to the transit time. There may be other factors as well, such as the temperature changes the racket went through on its long journey to you.

The bottom line here is you shouldn’t really rely on the factory string tension as a guideline. Instead, experiment with different tensions and strings when you get your rackets restrung, until you find a setup that you enjoy.

Hope that helps!



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