Eye Squash Rackets Roundup

Eye squashrackety models 2018, tested by Squashsource.com Some of the Eye Squash Rackets as of 2018. See links below! Eye X.Lite 130 Control (Borja Golan) Eye X.Lite 120 Control (Amr Shabana) Eye V.Lite 125 Control (Mazen Hesham) Eye V.Lite 115 Control (Paul Coll) Eye V.Lite 120 Control (Fares Dessouky)


Eye V.Lite 110 Control

The Eye V.Lite 110 Control. Here’s the 2016 version, Coline Aumard signature: Spotted Joey Barrington, a partner at Eye, walks through the new signature version in this video: Here’s the original version Product Notes This is one of the teardrop-shaped Eye squash rackets. It’s the lightest one in the V.Lite (teardrop) Read more…

Dunlop I-Armor Squash Goggles

Squash Goggles

Squash goggles protect your face and eyes while playing squash. Here are some brands of squash goggles I’ve posted about on 24squash.com: Squash Goggles Why Wear Squash Goggles? You should wear squash goggles every time you play or practice squash. Squash is played in close quarters and you don’t want Read more…