Dunlop squash Ball (3X Mixed)

8,25 Inc TAX

Dunlop (contest) ball, packed in 3 pieces (other combination is also possible. When ordering, please indicate which color is 3 balls)

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Squash ball choice;
If you just start squash then you play with a beginner ball. This bounces higher than a ball for advanced. The harder you hit the ball, the warmer it gets and the higher it bounces. If an advanced player with a beginner ball plays, the ball bounces up so high that the ball flies out of the job. That is why advanced balls have been invented for advanced players, which, when cold, are almost unstable.

What kind of squash ball do you like, you can see the
color of the dot that says:

The dots on the ball show the difference in performance.
Black squash ball with 2 yellow dots (Pro). Official Pro match ball.
Black squash ball with 1 yellow dot (Competition). Same dimensions as the official Pro match ball, 10% more.
Black squash ball with 1 red dot (Progress). 6% greater than the official Pro match ball, 20% more bump.
Black squash ball with 1 blue dot (Intro). 12% larger than the official Pro match ball, 40% more bump.
PS. Kids balls have no dots.

white dot = nowadays yellow dot
Please note that with 3 balls or more you can make better use of the offer 3x or 12x

Additional information

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 cm


Type Ball

Blue Dot, Red Dot, Yellow Dot


Blue, Red, White

Player Level

Expert Player, Intermediate Player


03 pieces

Delivery time

2 to 3 days


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