Prince Pro Warrior 650

The Prince Pro Warrior 600.

Racket Specs

Advertised frame weight: 130 grams
Head size: 480 cm sq
String pattern: 16×17

Product Notes

This is listed on the Decathlon website as a 2017 model. I haven’t seen it for sale anywhere else so far, so it might be exclusive to Decathlon.

There’s a prior racket called the Prince Textreme Pro Warrior 600, which was the Ramy Ashour signature model that came out in 2015 (though Ramy’s since switched to the Prince Pro Sovereign 650).

The 2017 Decathlon model has a different color scheme, and doesn’t have the RAMY signature on the top of the frame either. The specs look otherwise very similar (1 gram difference in the advertised weight).

A Squash Source reader named Aly got in touch with Decathlon to ask if this was the same racket as the Ramy model, but Decathlon we not able to answer for sure.

On the Decathlon site, they mention “Triple Threat” technology.

The Prince TRIPLE THREAT technology, positioned at 2 and 10 o’clock, provides greater stability when hitting the ball.

Prince used the Triple Threat in earlier versions of their rackets. So my best guess is this racket is the same as the Ramy model, just reinforced with Triple Threat instead of Textreme. I don’t know how big of a difference that really makes. Thanks to Aly and Leon for the tips.Bron:


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