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Looks like the successor to the Dunlop Apex Lite. Quite light at 115 grams, but see my review below for more on the weight.

Advertised Specs

Weight: Light (115 grams)
Balance: Head-Light
Head Size: Large (500 sq cm)
String Pattern: 14 x 18

Buy: Dunlop apex Infinity


Check out my video review of the Dunlop Apex Infinity below. I like this racket and think it’s a very good deal at €64,95. My teammate Peter also liked it. One thing I forgot to mention in the video: this racket has a listed weight of 115 grams unstrung, but it feels heavier than that, and on my scale it came in at 155 grams strung. I think the strings usually add 15 grams, which would put this closer to 140 weight. In my view this is a good thing — 115 grams would be a bit too light for me personally — but just wanted to point it out

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