Tecnifibre 305 1.2 200 M

What Is the Factory String Tension?

It’s time for another edition of “Ask Squash Source”! A question I get frequently is: What’s the factory string tension of this racket? This question could be asked about any brand of racket. Often someone will buy a racket and enjoy the feel of it. Maybe their strings break and they want to get it restrung as closely as possible to the original factory settings they enjoyed so much. Most manufacturers I’ve asked about this Read more…

Eye Squash Rackets Roundup

Eye squashrackety models 2018, tested by Squashsource.com Some of the Eye Squash Rackets as of 2018. See links below! Eye X.Lite 130 Control (Borja Golan) Eye X.Lite 120 Control (Amr Shabana) Eye V.Lite 125 Control (Mazen Hesham) Eye V.Lite 115 Control (Paul Coll) Eye V.Lite 120 Control (Fares Dessouky)

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Dunlop precision elite 2018

Dunlop Precision Elite 2018

This is the Dunlop Precision Elite, 2018 version. (See below for the 2016 Precision Elite.) Racket Specs Advertised weight (frame): 135 grams Head size: 500 cm sq String pattern: 14×18 Measured weight (all-in): 154 grams Measured balance: 36.5 cm Measured frame stiffness (?): 158 hertz Reviews I put together a review of this racket in the video below. In short, I liked this racket in the beginning, but as I hit with it more, I Read more…

How to Get Your Kids Playing Squash

How to Get Your Kids Playing Squash

I recently put together this video discussing how I’ve gone about trying to get my kids interested in playing squash. As of this video, they’re 8 and 10 years old: As I was publishing that video, I remembered I wrote a similar post when the kids were younger. The specifics are a little different because of their ages, but my general philosophy seems to have remained largely the same! Here’s the original post from 2011: Read more…

Tecnifibre Squash Green Bags

These are coming out in April 2018. There’s a 12-racket bag and a 9-racket bag. Looks like they have added a squash-specific holding area for your balls and goggles, while also increasing the ventilation area, so your stank can dissipate more quickly. Tecnifibre Squashbag Green 12R Tecnifibre Squashbag Green 9R Tecnifibre Squashbag Green Backbag Tecnifibre Squashbag Green Training Bag

Tecnifibre Squashbag Green Training Bag

Eye V.Lite 110 Control

The Eye V.Lite 110 Control. Here’s the 2016 version, Coline Aumard signature: Spotted Joey Barrington, a partner at Eye, walks through the new signature version in this video: Here’s the original version Product Notes This is one of the teardrop-shaped Eye squash rackets. It’s the lightest one in the V.Lite (teardrop) range — the Eye V.Lite 120 Control is the next step up in weight. Joey Barrington explains: Bron: Squashsource

Prince Pro Warrior 600

The Prince Pro Warrior 600. Racket Specs Advertised frame weight: 130 grams Head size: 480 cm sq String pattern: 16×17 Product Notes This is listed on the Decathlon website as a 2017 model. I haven’t seen it for sale anywhere else so far, so it might be exclusive to Decathlon. There’s a prior racket called the Prince Textreme Pro Warrior 600, which was the Ramy Ashour signature model that came out in 2015 (though Ramy’s Read more…

Prince Pro Warrior 650
Dunlop Apex Infinity 2.0

Dunlop Apex Infinity

Racket Info Looks like the successor to the Dunlop Apex Lite. Quite light at 115 grams, but see my review below for more on the weight. Advertised Specs Weight: Light (115 grams) Balance: Head-Light Head Size: Large (500 sq cm) String Pattern: 14 x 18 Buy: Dunlop apex Infinity Reviews Check out my video review of the Dunlop Apex Infinity below. I like this racket and think it’s a very good deal at €64,95. My teammate Read more…

Squash Goggles

Squash goggles protect your face and eyes while playing squash. Here are some brands of squash goggles I’ve posted about on 24squash.com: Squash Goggles Why Wear Squash Goggles? You should wear squash goggles every time you play or practice squash. Squash is played in close quarters and you don’t want a flying ball or racket to make contact with your eyes and potentially damage your eyesight. Personally, I know two guys who have permanent eye Read more…

Dunlop I-Armor Squash Goggles

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